Organic vs conventional chemical composition of eggplant:

Organic food is associated by the general public with improved nutritional properties, and this has led to increasing demand for organic vegetables. The effects of organic and conventional cultivation methods on dry matter, protein, minerals, and total phenolic content has been studied for two successive years in two landraces and one commercial hybrid of eggplant.

Acording to María et al (2010) they analized different chemical physical properties, and they found some cultivars of eggplant fruit to be different if they are grown on ecological conditions or in convencional conditions.

The studies have been carried out during different periods of time (2007-2008) in which scientific data have been obtained on the composition of organic and conventional eggplants, and through these results, they have obtained different "p" for each compound ranging from p< 0.05 to p< 0.01.

Also the studies have also used as a test: Student-Newman-Keuls test, which allows comparing the means of the t levels of a factor after having rejected the null hypothesis of equality of means by means of the ANOVA technique.

The sodi (Na)and the potassium "p" in eggplant cultivar: in Na is 0,088 and in k is 0,017. In conlusion the two "p" are and also no significaly different, so the author write that there are differences between the compunds by the "p" we have on each one, and as they said the "p" can ve p< 0,05 and p< 0,01.

The dry matter and protein "p" in eggplant cultivar: in dry matter is 0,379 and in protein is 0,332. In conlusion the two "p" are not significaly different.

The phosphorous and potassium "p" in eggplant cultivar: in phosphorous is 0.776 and in potassium is 0.029. In conlusion the two "p" are significaly different.

The calcium and magnesium "p" in eggplant cultivar: in calcium is 0.597 and in magnesium is 0.017. In conlusion the two "p" are significaly different.

The iron and copper "p" in eggplant cultivar: in iron is 0.304 and in magnesium is 0.024. In conlusion the two "p" are significaly different.

(María D. Raigón, Adrián Rodríguez-Burruezo and Jaime Prohens(2020), Effects of Organic and Conventional Cultivation Methods on Composition of Eggplant Fruits